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Aryuveda: Which herbs for each doshas

Ayurveda, with its 5,000-year-old tradition, is considered the oldest health system of mankind. In the "science of long life", as Ayurveda is also called, the focus is particularly on the harmony of body and mind. In addition to the often well-known massages and treatments, Ayurveda also has a special nutritional teaching. In this, especially the areas of digestion, metabolism and [...]

Poplar bud ointment – the propolis of the trees

Dear Friends of Herbathek, In this article we would like to take you on a journey and introduce you to the secret healing potential of the poplar tree, a tree that is so ubiquitous in our forests and parks, yet often overlooked. We will take a look at the remarkable properties of poplar buds, which have been called the "propolis [...]

Cod liver oil: a time-honored remedy for health and well-being

Dear friends of Herbathek, today we turn to a time-honored nutritional supplement that many of you may remember from childhood: Cod liver oil. For a long time, this oil was hailed as a true miracle cure for numerous ailments, but what's really behind it? In this article, we will go into the benefits of cod liver oil, shed light on [...]

Willow bark as a remedy for pain, fever and inflammation

Pain, fever and inflammation are everyday complaints that we are all familiar with. But instead of always reaching for the chemical club, there are also natural alternatives that can be found in nature. One of these alternatives is willow bark - an ancient remedy that has been used for centuries to relieve pain and inflammation. In this blog article, we [...]

Meadowsweet: the painkiller from the garden

Painkillers are an important part of modern medicine, but did you know that there are also natural alternatives that can come straight from your garden? In this blog article we would like to introduce you to meadowsweet, an impressive medicinal plant with pain-relieving properties that has been used for centuries. Be amazed by the power of nature and learn how [...]

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