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RED3007 Children's hairbrush from 1 year of age
Children's hairbrush from 1 year of age-for children's hair that is already a little stronger. >oiled olive wood >soft, light bristle size: 15 cm
€15.50 *
Content 1 Stück
RED3047 Cosmetic stand brush
Powder brush 1 piece oiled olive wood black goat hair size: 17 cm
€39.95 *
Content 1 Stück
RED3006 Face massage brush
waxed olive wood with soft, light bristles, 15cm for gentle massage, cleansing This handy massage brush for the face and décolleté gently promotes circulation, removes skin flakes and supports a radiant complexion. The high-quality olive...
€18.90 *
Content 1 Stück
RED3036 Hairbrush beech, boar bristle
waxed beech wood, hard black boar bristles, 8 rows, 22cm for medium to long hair This hairbrush made of smooth, waxed beech wood is especially good for removing the dead upper cell layers of the skin and promotes blood circulation in the...
€16.95 *
Content 1 Stück
RED3015 Olive wood handle comb
best olive wood, 21cm for straight, slightly wavy hair This handle comb made of high quality olive wood has a medium wide tooth, which is especially suitable for straight and slightly wavy, medium length and long hair. The wood has an...
€27.90 *
Content 1 Stück
RED3011 Olive Wood Pocket Hairbrush
Waxed olive wood, rubber cushion with walnut pins. 7 rows, 11,5cm This small pocket hairbrush made of high quality olive wood lies wonderfully in the hand despite its small dimensions and is perfect for styling in between. A very...
€16.50 *
Content 1 Stück
RED3012 Pocket comb
Pocket comb oiled beech wood/olive wood, 14 cm
€12.90 *
Content 1 Stück
RED3003 Sheep Milk Soap in Heart Shape
Meadow scent, gentle, soap with sheep's milk Unit weight: 75 g Ingredients: Sheep's milk, almond oil, shea butter
€4.95 *
Content 1 Stück
RED3004 Sheep Milk Soap Little Lamb
Sheep Milk Soap "Sheep 1 piece - black or white at random
€3.95 *
Content 1 Stück
RED3041 Wellfit Massage Brush
Steamed beech wood, horsehair/fibre Size: 13.5 cm Strengthens the skin, stabilises the circulation, strengthens the nervous system and stimulates the metabolism in a natural way.
€18.95 *
Content 1 Stück

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