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To get an idea that we are not an anonymies company but a real shop/store in the heart of Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg near Alexander Platz) please see our image film:

The Herbathek - natural health shop and store

Natural remedies, medicinal plants and spices for maintaining health has a long tradition, which my colleagues and I feel connected.

The idea to open a specialized trade for medicinal herbs, natural remedies and organic products comes from Italy and France. There's long been known these so called "Erboristerias", a combination of traditional herbal pharmacy, drugstore and modern range of organic articles.

From Italy comes a part of our goods. This excellent, in Italy very popular products are in Germany unfortunately still almost unknown. Outside the Herbathek are therefore for example the preparations for dietary supplements such as propolis products without alkohol which strengthens the immunsystem and are perfect for children and elder peaple hardly available.

As a biologist, a passionate botanist, an active athlete and pharmacists son I am working for many years together with my wife and our stuff with health issues and natural remedies. I know about the importance of natural remedies, medicinal plants and herbs for our health.

Highest product quality especially in health products is more than important. Our herbs are almost exclusively produced in organic farming. Since Freshness has great influence on taste and mode of action of herbs, we always give precise information about crop and expiration date.

In our assortment you can also find medicinal mushrooms as (TCM) found in traditional Chinese medicine application, bee products, such as honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly, as well as natural vitamins and minerals for healthy food supplements, liquid herbal essences like extracts, tinctures, Probiotics, essential oils, algae preparations, plant-press juices, precious Himalayan salts, tea and tea blends, rare 5-element coffee and high-quality natural cosmetics and natural perfumes from Italy: L'Erbolario.

Herbathek® is now an established brand in Germany. Since 2005 I guarantee with my name for highest quality of products and service.

Have fun with shopping! Yours
Anja & Jens Jakob, biologist and all the Herbathek Team


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Thank you for your confidence! The Team of Herbathek