You feel listless, stressed and exhausted? When our body starts to feel sluggish, acidosis may be the reason for the symptoms. An alkaline bath can help you to get your vital functions back on track. In addition, you make an important contribution to the health of your skin.

In this article, we would like to show you why you should regularly take an alkaline bath in the future, what options are available and what you should look out for in alkaline baths.

Alkaline bath: from ancient times to modern times

For thousands of years, alkaline baths have been known for their healing effects: in the past, people traveled across the country to visit certain mineral baths, salt lakes or hot springs to take a relaxing and healing bath. The ancient Romans and Greeks also used alkaline-oriented body products and baths for the beauty care of their skin. The ancients relied on the vitalizing and cosmetic properties of sodium bicarbonate, milk and alkaline soap. On the one hand, to specifically deacidify and detoxify the body. On the other hand, to keep the physical well-being in a healthy balance.

The balancing properties of alkaline baths were also appreciated in ancient Mexico and in Japan during the imperial era. So-called “Auslau baths” with a beneficial detox effect were part of elaborate bathing ceremonies. Even early German geriatric care worked with alkaline preparations. For example, liquid soft soap with a pH value of over 9.0 was used to cleanse the skin.

Today, products and dietary supplements rich in bases are already integrated into daily care as a matter of course by health fans, wellness worshippers and fitness devotees. Nevertheless, further education is needed. Because: especially in highly developed industrial nations, the danger of an imbalance in the acid-base balance is continuously increasing due to one-sided or even wrong eating habits, increasing stress, environmental toxins, pollutants, electrosmog and a serious lack of exercise.

What is an alkaline bath good for?

Physiological regulation mechanisms are constantly running in the human body. These endogenous buffer systems are essential to keep the complex metabolism running. If a massive imbalance threatens here, e.g. through wrong and unhealthy living and eating habits (fast food, smoking, sweets, sugar, drinking too little pure water, too little exercise), continuous stress, strong environmental pollution or illness, alarming disturbances of the metabolic processes can be the result. The acid-base level, which is so important for our body, is no longer in balance. The alkaline bath is an effective means of bringing our acid-base balance back into equilibrium.

Targeted detoxification and deacidification with alkaline baths

In addition to the kidneys and lungs, our skin is an important organ for the elimination of harmful substances and metabolic products. After an alkaline bath lasting about 30 – 45 minutes, the high pH value causes the so-called “bath osmosis”, which stimulates the elimination process of our skin. The warm, slightly alkaline body water opens the skin pores and at the same time stimulates sebum production. After bathing, the skin feels particularly soft and supple, so that further body care such as the application of a lotion or similar can be dispensed with.

German healthcare and beauty specialist Peter Jentschura has been working in the service of beauty for skin and body for more than 20 years. The product series “MeineBase” of the company from Münster has received many organic certifications and awards. Among the bestsellers is the body care salt for children and adults with a pH value of 8.0 – 8.5 – depending on the initial value and the hardness of the tap water. This cleanses intensively, sustainably supports the excretory functions and ensures a supple, well-oiled skin texture.

Alkaline bath for deacidification at home

How good that today we have our own “hot spring” at home in the form of a bathtub. This means that an alkaline bath can be carried out comfortably within your own four walls at a bath temperature of between 36 °C and 38 °C and a recommended bath duration of at least 30 minutes. To achieve an ideal effect, you should take an alkaline bath for about 45 – 60 minutes, once or twice a week. For a full bath, we recommend adding 3 tablespoons of Jentschura “MeineBase” to the water as a bath additive. A warm alkaline bath has a relaxing and calming effect; a cool bath refreshes and invigorates – not only in the summer months. Extra tip: Perform a stimulating body brush massage every ten minutes while bathing.

In addition, we recommend adding a few drops of your favorite scent in the form of natural organic essential oils to the bath water. Especially in winter, the pleasant smell and the positive properties of essential oils provide even more feel-good atmosphere and relaxation at home.

Alkaline foot bath and sitz bath:

For those who do not have a bathtub at home or do not want to do a full bath, we recommend two to three foot baths or sitz baths a week. For a foot bath or tub sitz bath, we recommend 1 tablespoon of “MeineBase” at a temperature between 38°C and 41°C. In this case, the bath should last at least 15 minutes and no longer than 60 minutes.

Medicinal herbs and vital substances for a healthy diet

The 3 Pillars Detox Principle will not work without a balanced mix of cosmetic care, sports activities and an optimized diet. In your daily diet, make sure you eat lots of fresh, organic foods – rich in natural vital substances – and detoxifying medicinal herbal teas. As a rule of thumb for a fully balanced diet you should remember: 80% excess alkaline and 20% excess acidic foods.