Smoking with herbs is, as already mentioned in this blog article, a millennia-old and widespread tradition. In addition to myrrh and frankincense, sage or white sage has become a particularly popular incense.

In this blog article we would like to show you why especially the white sage is so popular smoked, where the custom comes from, what effect the incense with sage has and of course how you can smoke with sage yourself at home.

What effect has the incense with sage?

Sage is one of the most popular and well-known medicinal herbs and is used especially for depressive states and stress, but also for digestive weakness, diabetes asthma and some more. In addition, sage – especially the white sage (Salvia apiana) – is now a popular means of incense. Thereby, incense with sage is primarily used to cleanse us from fear, negativity and destructive energies. The smoke can purify both physical and spiritual spaces, clear the consciousness and give harmony to our lives. In addition, incense with sage and the pleasant spicy-tart scent can help increase our concentration.

Where does sage incense come from?

Almost every culture on our planet has been burning fragrant plants or medicinal herbs in their ceremonies for centuries. The smoke that develops in this way, in addition to the spicy fragrance, is also said to have a certain effect, which depends on the particular incense.

One of the most famous rituals is probably the incense with sage, which has its origin in the indigenous cultures of North America and Mexico. Here, the so-called “smudging” bundles of white sage – the so-called Smudge Sticks – was smoked.

How do you smoke with sage? What are the possibilities?

The smudge sticks mentioned above are the best known and most popular way to smoke sage. All you need is a Smudge Stick and a fireproof smoking bowl or plate. Now light the pointed end of the sage bundle and gently wave out the flames shortly after. As soon as the tip of the bundle glows, you can start fumigating the room. If the smoke should subside, you can reignite the bundle by carefully blowing on it.


An alternative to the Smudge Stick is to smoke sage on a teapot. All you need is an incense burner with a strainer insert, a tea light, and the incense: sage. To begin, put some sage on the edge of the strainer. You will notice how light smoke and a pleasant fragrance will develop. If that’s not enough, you can add sage further into the center of the screen for a stronger smoke.

Another way to smoke sage is with charcoal. To do this, you will need a fireproof vessel such as an incense bowl, incense sand, incense charcoal and sage. First fill your bowl with the fine incense sand. Next, you can light the charcoal and place it upright on the sand at the beginning. This will give the charcoal enough air to glow faster. Once the charcoal is ready, you can place it on the sand. Make sure that the side with the indentation is facing up. After about five minutes, a white film of ash should have formed on the charcoal. Now put some of your sage directly on the charcoal. You will see that it immediately begins to smoke. Once the sage has burned out, you can carefully remove the remains from the charcoal with a spoon or tongs and add new sage to the charcoal if needed.

Do you already have experience in smoking with sage? Feel free to leave us a comment telling us what your favorite method is and what other tips you have for smoking.

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