The bestseller “Die wundersame Leber- & Gallenblasenreinigung” (The Miraculous Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse) by alternative practitioner Andreas Moritz explains exactly the causes of gallstones in the liver and gallbladder, which can be held responsible for many common diseases of today. The book provides the necessary knowledge to recognise gallstones and offers advice and instructions to be able to remove them painlessly yourself at home and to prevent the formation of new gallstones.


What is primarily meant here are not the gallstones in the gallbladder, which can usually be measured, but the much smaller stones in the bile ducts of the liver, some of which are only 1-2mm in size. Many chronic diseases of most people in today’s industrialised world such as arthritis, heart disease, depression, cancer or MS can be traced back to many hundreds to thousands of gallstones blocking the bile ducts of the liver and the gallbladder. Very often, the symptom-oriented treatment is to simply remove the gallbladder, which in many cases paves the way for even worse ailments and currently costs $5 billion annually.

Liver and gallbladder cleansing gives the body the opportunity to stabilise and cleanse itself and thus to become healthy or to prevent illness. In this way, we take back personal responsibility for our health and can strengthen our trust in the natural, innate wisdom of the body. The liver cleanse can be done very well alone or in a group at home.


How is the liver & gallbladder cleanse according to Andreas Moritz performed?

The detailed and optimal description can be found in the above-mentioned liver cleansing book and will therefore only be mentioned here. The whole procedure takes 1 week. You eat normal, appropriate portions as usual. In order to enable an optimal cleansing preparation of the liver, it is recommended to avoid food of animal origin, dairy products, fried and frozen or strongly cooled food. Drink 1 litre of apple juice (controlled organic and preferably naturally cloudy) for 6 days. If this is too sugary for you, Andreas Moritz recommends good alternatives such as Gold-Coin-Grass tincture or malic acid. On day 6, start the painless elimination of gallstones with the help of Epsom salts and a mixture of grapefruit juice and olive oil. However, the taste of Epsom salt takes some getting used to, many people find it disgusting, which is why many people now resort to the tasteless Epsom salt capsules. The correct dose is 5-6 capsules per time with plenty of water for the 4 units mentioned in the book. Drink plenty of water during the week, especially the last two days!


Drink kidney herbs to cleanse the kidneys!

Andreas Moritz strongly advises further on in the book to carry out a kidney cleanse with kidney herbs. Why? Because the liver cleanse is very good for our health, but as a cure it puts a strain on our detoxification organs. Because when gallstones come off during the treatment and toxins are released, the body has to deal with them and detoxify these substances, or it will try to eliminate them via the kidneys and liver. Therefore, the famous alternative practitioner has developed a wonderful recipe for a highly effective kidney tea, which you can obtain from our webshop:


The tea contains, among other things, goldenrod herb in organic quality. Goldenrod is the only medicinal plant that is capable of transmitting energy to the kidney, i.e. giving the kidney more strength to perform its important functions. In addition, there are nettle leaves, bearberry leaves, marshmallow root, fennel seeds, marjoram and some other herbs that help to detoxify the kidney, among other things, because they have a diuretic (flushing) effect and also kill germs (bearberry).

Take liver herbs!

Andreas Moritz also strongly recommends that we drink liver tea. But why still drink liver herbs when you are doing the liver cleanse? This question comes up again and again in many conversations and emails that reach us.  And to a certain extent it is justified. The answer can also be found in the reasons already mentioned above. On the other hand, the liver, which benefits greatly from the liver cleanse, is also temporarily burdened by it, so we should support and detoxify the liver with good organic liver herbs. Liver cleansing in itself is wonderful because it can rid us of harmful gallstones in the liver bile ducts and also larger ones in the gall bladder. But to complete and round off the detoxification, strengthening and cleansing of the liver, a good liver tea is essential.


Can I drink the kidney tea and the liver tea without doing the liver and gallbladder flush?

If you are wondering whether you can drink the teas without the liver cleanse, we can only advise you to do so. Even without the cleanse, the two teas help very well to keep the liver and kidneys in good shape, to strengthen and detoxify them. Here it would be good to drink both teas one after the other (not at the same time!) as a cure, preferably in autumn and spring. Andreas Moritz even advises drinking the teas one after the other as a course of treatment, always at the transition to a new season. Which tea you drink first is relatively unimportant and is usually decided on a very individual basis. Many people do not yet really dare to do a liver cleanse, but still want to do something for detoxification. Therefore, both teas are definitely recommended at regular intervals several times a year. However, if you decide to do the wonderful and easy liver cleanse, you should definitely not refrain from taking the teas. Andreas Moritz says that you should drink the kidney tea after the second liver cleanse at the latest. In our experience, however, it is good to drink it before the first cleansing, in combination with the liver tea – i.e. in successive courses – so that the kidneys and liver are in optimal condition and thus prepared for the liver and gall bladder cleansing.

How does one carry out the bowel cleansing according to Andreas Moritz?

There are many and very extensive possibilities for cleansing the intestines, and regular cleansing of the intestines is also part of a proper detoxification of our detoxification organs. Andreas Moritz recommends this especially in connection with the liver cleanse, as there is a “danger” of individual gallstones remaining in the intestine and possibly causing inflammation. For this reason, he advises doing an intestinal rinse with Hydro-Colon directly after the liver cleanse. Many alternative practitioners offer this and it is a very efficient method of cleansing the intestines. It not only flushes out stones that have been lying around, but also gets rid of deposits that have been there for years. If you don’t want to do this, you should at least use an enema and do it several days after the liver cleanse:


In addition to these acute measures around the liver cleanse, Andreas Moritz also recommends regular intestinal cleansing in general. A proven remedy here is a course of treatment with good aloe vera juice from organic cultivation. Aloe vera juice has been proven to contain more than 200 vital substances (several vitamins, trace elements, minerals) and has the property that it frees the crypts, i.e. the depressions in the intestinal walls, from superfluous waste products, like a kind of rubbish disposal:


We also recommend taking psyllium husks. These swell when soaked in water. The somewhat mucilaginous but tasteless pulp that then slides through the intestine and fills it like a kind of imprint has an additional, very efficient cleansing effect on the walls.

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